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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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movie was scheduled to be shown. a lot of people are wondering if this was the right call. >> reporter: yeah. because this was caused by terroristic threats. it is an unprecedented move by hollywood. and really the decision was made by the theater companies themselves like this amc theater here behind me. basically it backed out of showing the picture. that is when sony finally made its decision which became official yesterday. the film is based on a fictional plot about journalists who are sent to kill north korean leader kim jong-un. it was supposed to be released on christmas day until sony got a threat from north korean hackers called guardians of peace. they said the world will be full of fear. remember september 11th. in a statement, sony canceled the movie's release a decision made with paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers. now, one of the movie's stars set rogan was here in san francisco last -- seth rogen was in san francisco last month
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before the threats and at that point he didn't seem concerned. [ laughter ] >> it would be impressive if they were. it would be amazing if north korean agents got to america and we were their top priority. >> reporter: a lot of hollywood stars disagree with sony's decision to cancel the film. steve carell writes sad day for creative expression. there is still a chance that the movie will be released on dvd. in the meantime the u.s. department of homeland security continues to investigate whether or not these threats were real. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> according to north korean state news agency leaders are denying the attacks and say the allegations behind it all are groundless. a little shaking in san ramon this morning. the usgs reports a 2.6 earthquake hit the area about
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4:32 this morning. no reports of damage. umbrellas are becoming part of the bay area wardrobe. the rain was coming down at a pretty steady pace in san francisco's castro district last night. >> kind of nice we didn't need umbrellas on the morning drive. >> there are some wet roads. be careful at the bay bridge. we have some raindrops so again slick surfaces use caution. we have reports of an accident just coming in from chp. it's just past the treasure island area westbound upper deck of the bay bridge. it's the second accident in the same area to back up things at the bay bridge. the toll plaza backed up into the maze. slow-and-go conditions, metering lights are on, delays off the eastshore freeway, as well. elsewhere around the bay area, we have an accident westbound dumbarton bridge blocking lanes on the far right on the toll
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plaza. not a lot of delays but a few stop and go conditions. past the scene traffic moves nicely. take the san mateo bridge as an alternate. but we have a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. 101 or 280 though trouble spots. altamont pass not the case. we are backed up westbound 580, 24 minutes now to go from the altamont pass to 680. 680 starting to see a bit of a backup, as well. sunol grade a little slow also eastbound not seeing any problems. westbound 4 through antioch very slow. in fact, stays sluggish all the way into pittsburg. better once you hit the eastshore freeway. let's take a look at your forecast. here's roberta. good morning, i know you're running around the house trying to get ready for work or get the kids out for school this morning. but just stop. take a look at this. when is the last time you have seen an empty hi-def doppler? we have no greens or yellows or orange or reds.
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but we still do have a little bit of low-lying moisture, a little drizzle not even detected by hi-def doppler. so carry that umbrella to be on the safe side today. we have mostly cloudy skies in san jose where currently it is 51 and winds under 10. but near the san mateo bridge, we are experiencing a southeast wind at 15, concord and santa rosa fog. temperatures are currently in the 50s. this is yesterday's latest storm. behind it here out over the open waters is friday's storm that promises at least an inch of rain in the highest elevations of the bay area over the next 4 hours. it's going to affect -- 24 hours. and it's going to affect your commute friday. mostly cloudy skies today, couple of rainbows, temperature- wise in the 50s and 60s. winds will be pretty much five to ten miles per hour out of the southwest so we have rain in the overnight hours tonight. the bull, of the activity
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friday morning. we could see a residual shower on saturday but generally speaking your weekend is going to be mostly cloudy and precipitation-free. winter officially arrives on sunday at 3:03 and so does a dry pattern each and every day all the way through wednesday. a new pledge by uber. the rideshare company says come 2015 uber safety will increase. the company has been under scrutiny over safety of their drivers. almost a year ago, a 6-year-old girl was killed crossing the street in san francisco by a driver who told police he was with uber. a blog post yesterday head of the company didn't admit their service was unsafe but said there will be new safety procedures come the new year. 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald has been dropped from the team. the decision came after a woman said mcdonald sexual assaulted her. this is months after he allegedly hit his girlfriend. this is another blow for the
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struggling 49ers. >> it's unfortunate. >> he is a good man, kind and a gentleman and a good christian house. >> that was his driver. mcdonald has yet to be arrested or charged. his case will be forwarded to the santa clara d.a.'s office for review. happening today, a symbol used in protests nationwide will be used on courthouse steps across the bay area. we are talking about the hands up demonstrations used by protestors to show the racial disparities in the criminal justice system. today the uncle of oscar grant, the bay area teen who was shot and killed by a bart police officer back in 2009, will lead a hands up demonstration. he will be joined by several bay area public defenders and they will all gather at noon at the locations you see here in san francisco, santa clara and
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contra costa county. oakland police say they were unaware the chp had undercover officers at a recent protest. the officer and his partner were with protestors during a march last week. the chp says a protestor out the officers and attacked one of them. the other officer pulled out his gun. the "chronicle" reports chp claims oakland police knew about the officers. the opd said they didn't and that they are investigating the incident. president obama has pushed to normalize diplomatic ties once again with cuba after 54 years sparking strong reaction. the white house reached a deal with cuba to help secure the release of alan gross. he spent five years in a cuban jail. the obama administration is now working towards renewing diplomatic ties with the country including building an embassy in havana. >> i am convinced that through a policy of engagement we can more effectively stand up for our values and help the cuban people help themselves as they move into the 21st century. >> it is a victory for the
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oppressive cuban government but a serious setback for the repressed cuban people. the white house has conceded everything and gained little. >> some republicans are promising to do all they can to block the administration's moves including holding back funding for the u.s. embassy in cuba. >> you know, chocolate could be from cuba someday. how amazing would that be? > we would love to visit them, make me really happy. >> those are some of the cuban- americans that are happy about the new deal. people have been sounding off from the bay area to miami but not everyone is celebrating. some cuban-americans say the u.s. is giving up a lot for very little. time now 6:08. a horrible scene outside a church in southern california. why almost a dozen people were rushed to the hospital just moments after a christmas program. >> and a group of bay area students coming together to help the troops during the
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holidays. the program to help soldiers overseas feel more at home coming up. >> winter officially arrives on sunday and with it, a change in our weather pattern. we'll track the next storm coming in together. >> and i'll have your top traffic trouble spots coming up including the hot spot at the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news" on this thursday. taking a look out towards the bay bridge we still have a little bit of light drizzle out there this thursday morning. as you look at the wet conditions, we have a day coming up topping off at 70 degrees. that full seven-day forecast as the news continues. ing very news out of redondo -- developing news out of redondo beach. three people are dead after a drunk driver plowed through a dozen people last night. the victims crossing a highway after a christmas concert.
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they were struck as they crossed the road. two people killed were women in their 80s and a child was struck. an arsonist is on the loose in san francisco. four vehicles were torched near dolores park yesterday. the same thing happened last month. three cars were destroyed then. >> we believe someone broke into the windows set fire and inside and when the cop, the police and the firefighters arrive, everything was, you know, gone actually. >> investigators do have surveillance video of the first series of fires. they are checking to see if cameras in the area captured yesterday's fires. well, sometimes the lessons learned in school has nothing to do with textbooks especially around the holidays. hillsborough crocker middle schoolers are learning firsthand all about the middle east not to mention kindness, and we think that's pretty cool. reporter: the 7th and 8th graders in mrs. fairchild's
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class are learning their social studies firsthand. these crocker middle schoolers adopted the army first brigade combat team 101st airborne division now stationed in afghanistan. they shipped off over 100 christmas c.a.r.e. packages all packed with nothing but goodness from cookies to q tips, magazines and trail mix, a welcome sight for soldiers so far away from home. >> i think with so much competition now on making the grade, that they are understanding that it is just as important to make the difference. >> reporter: the items were all donated by the students' families and the community and each gift box is earmarked for a soldier and personalized with a card written by one of the students. >> dear soldiers, thank you so much for serving our country and saving us. i appreciate all that you do. thank you. >> reporter: what's that do to your heart to help these guys?
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>> it means a lot to me because i feel better when i see them opening it or, like, they send us the pictures saying thank you. yeah. it means a lot. >> i feel all that they --the pain or all the homesickness that they have gone through, through their letters that they sent, it's really important that we do send these every year. >> reporter: the adopt a unit program is coordinated through the hillsborough police department who helps to ship the boxes off to the middle east. up next this huge banner that each student signed and eventually will be hung at the base in afghanistan. >> i feel like we're telling them that there is still someone who does still care and that they are just not all alone. >> reporter: it's crocker middle school, this week's -- >> "cool school"! whoo! >> that teacher must have loved me after i left with the kids all pumped up it. it was fun. the packages have arrived sunday or monday and they got an email on tuesday, so the kids are corresponding back and forth. it's cool. >> i like the message they don't want them to feel that
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they're alone, that someone is thinking of them back home. >> for kids who have so much, nice to give back, as well. >> very cool. >> by the way, the students at what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show. so is traffic cool right now? >> not in some spots. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> some yes, some no. it's the way it works when there's a little rain on the roads. so slick surfaces, heads up, bay bridge. here's a live look at conditions. you can see raindrops there on our lens. there is a bit of a backup there behind all those raindrops all the way into the maze at this point. the big problem is we do have an accident just past treasure island. our second acciden of the morning on the upper deck of the bay bridge. three cars involved blocking lanes so it's causing big delays there. you can see another live shot here of the bay bridge. traffic is very slow-and-go once you get past those metering lights sluggish off the eastshore freeway. san mateo bridge windy conditions, no accidents, traffic moving nicely 13 minutes right now 880 to 101 in both directions.
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most of the volume on that westbound side as you work your way towards foster city. checking conditions on the golden gate bridge, one of our bright spots. not a bad ride at all coming out of marin county this morning. looking good as you head into san francisco. altamont pass, lots of brake lights, lots of company, westbound 580 all the way as you work your way towards 680. you're going to tap the brake lights at the 680 interchange there. you can see lots of volume there. in fact, south 680, once you got through there, stays slow- and-go, as well. sluggish conditions in that area. westbound four through antioch also seeing delays and no accidents. typical this time of the morning. you can skip the roads though and take mass transit. bart, caltrain, everything is right on time this morning. let's check your forecast. here's roberta. microclimates coming into play this morning, gianna. good morning, everybody. we have breezy conditions near the san mateo bridge southeast winds at 13 miles per hour. we have fog in the santa rosa area. and we do have mostly cloudy skies throughout the remaining portion of the bay area even a little bit of light drizzle right there in san jose where
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currently it is 51 degrees. hey, check this out. san jose now with all the december rainfall is now the second wettest december on record. the number one leader of the pack was established in 1955. we still have a lot of december to go. this is what you need to know heading out the door this morning. we still have a stray shower possible so keep that umbrella handy. if you look at the sky here mostly cloudy today with few sunny breaks and with the low- level moisture, we're sure to see at least a couple of rainbows and one more to come. futurecast, play along at home. take a look, a little bit of light precipitation around the san mateo coastline. that's at lunch hour today. and then meanwhile, behind me here is generating a brand-new storm, the bulk of the energy, the bulk of the rain will move in in 24 hours from now during your morning commute, in fact we have a pretty ominous cell right there at 7:00 in the morning. then you notice behind that frontal boundary area, mostly cloudy skies for your friday
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and friday evening. perhaps a residual shower on saturday morning very early but that's about it. an inch of rain in the wettest spots and if you want to keep track of it, since we began the rainy season last july, we are at 254% of normal in san jose. these numbers are awesome and we hope for more rain to come. we need 6 more storms like last thursday in order to beat the drought. 41 in the high sierra with snow ending. 50s and 60s, seasonal, west winds 5 to 10. check the extended forecast:
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. the bay bridge lights will continue. how the generosity of one man is making that possible. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, will jim harbaugh return to college football? he has 49 million reasons why except there is no lombardi trophy in the national championship. i'll tell you about it coming up. ,,,,
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good morning, everyone. jim harbaugh has never hidden the fact that he bleeds michigan wolverine blue. >> i guarantee we'll beat ohio state this saturday and we'll be in pasadena on january 1. >> michigan experience changes you.
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>> and they are reportedly primed to change his bank account. according to multiple reports, the wolverines offered harbaugh a six-year deal worth $49 million. it would make him the highest paid coach in the country. of course he still has a job don't forget. he is still the head coach of the 49ers. man, you have to go back to the clinton administration, the last time the stanford women lost to an unranked nonconference opponent. they are still trying to figure out what chattanooga mock is. stanford shot 28% from the field. carly samuelsson knocked one in but no stanford player scored in double fix. -- no stanford player scored in double figures. bombs away for the mocks. chelsea shepherd five shots from downtown. this one from the parking lot. chattanooga won 54-46. they knocked off tennessee earlier this year and that's where stanford will be on saturday. sergio romo staying put after reportedly agreeing to a two-year $15 million deal with the giants. romo lost his job as a closer during the season but allowed just two runs in the final two months as the giants setup man. by the way, i know everybody is wondering, what is
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a chattanooga mock? it's short for mockingbird. there you have it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. and you can watch the 49er game right here on kpix 5 this saturday. pre-game is at 4:30. kickoff is at 5:25. and that's followed by the "5th quarter" at 8:15 p.m. and at 9 p.m., a kpix 5 news special presentation, california's green rush. hope you had a pencil to write all that down. play of the day, we have griz at the spurs 2.6 seconds left for double overtime. grizzlies up by 2. duncan with the jump ever and does what he does the best. it goes in and forces the third overtime. take another look. he is going to bank it off the glass. gets a couple of lucky rolls in it goes. but san antonio falls to memphis, they are good, they beat the warriors, 117-116. play of the day.
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6:25. the strained relationship between san jose police and city hall continues to deteriorate. the decision now making matters even worse. >> reporter: an unprecedented move that some say amounts to caving to terrorists. coming up next, what is next for the film that may never see the light of day. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (vo) nourished.
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protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. an east bay man looking for love ends up with a bullet wound. the mistake that landed that man in the hospital. >> president obama's plan to renew diplomatic ties with qb
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has sparked strong reaction across the u.s. what the decision could mean moving forward. >> reporter: good morning, we have a brand-new storm. it's taking aim on the bay area. we'll tell you how much rain to expect. >> and finally some good introduce to report as you work your way across the bay bridge this morning. thank you. good morning, everyone. thursday is here. it's december 18 already. >> already. >> i'm frank mallicoat. christmas is a week away. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. after multiple threats surfaced, sony says it will not release the upcoming comedy the interview. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco where the movie was scheduled to be shown and, anne, many wonder if this was the right decision. >> reporter: if sony is -- >> reporter: sony is catching a lot of flak people saying they caved to terrorists but in a large part it was the movie theater companies that made the decision. one by one they started backing out of playing this movie on a
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scheduled release day which was on christmas day. this movie is a fictional plot that talked about journalists sent to kill north korean leader kim jong-un. well, then came a threat from north korean hackers called guardians of peace, threatening people who see the movie saying, the world will be full of fear, remember september 11th. so in a statement, sony canceled the movie release a decision made with, quote, paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers. >> it's a very dangerous precedent to set in terms of the free exchange of ideas. >> reporter: at last word, seth rogen himself who stars in the movie and also cowrote it defended the film acknowledging north korea would hate it but saying, it's just really funny. cyso lots of movies will play
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another comedy that deals with north korea but more out there, a little less realistic if you will. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> according to a north korean state news agency, leaders are denying the attacks and say the allegations that they are behind it are groundless. and we are learning just how much damage last week's storm caused in the city of healdsburg. $15million worth. the situation so bad sonoma county declared a state of emergency. in a moment you will see a wake border. we hope he is still with us. there he is. crazy. but he did it. it looks like they are having some fun. >> you think it would leave a road rash because water was -- [ indiscernible ] >> when you take one on the elbow. >> parking lots are not forgiving. >> i love californians, you get lemons, make lemonade. we have a break in the activity but we have a combination of factors out there from a breezy
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wind near the san mateo bridge southeast sa miles per hour to currently a little -- 15 miles per hour to currently a little drizzle at the bay bridge mostly cloudy skies. some areas of fog reported in santa rosa at 50 degrees. 52 in san francisco. yesterday's storm that's it right there. it is out of here. now in its wake is this next approaching area of low pressure that will cause the mostly cloudy skies today. sure, we still have a little bit of residual moisture out there in the form of a stray shower. keep the umbrella handy to be safe. generally mostly cloudy skies today. temperatures where they should be for this 18th day of the month in the 50s and low 60s. the winds blow out of the southwest five to ten miles per hour. we have rain. it will be arriving in the overnight hours primarily this time tomorrow morning. the bulk of the rain will be splashing through the bay area. that's friday. but friday afternoon the storm is out of here after an inch of rain. the weekend looks mostly cloudy both days and that will set the stage for a dry weather
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pattern. let's set the stage with your traffic with gianna. >> thank you very much, roberta. let's head to the bay bridge right now. better into us to report. this accident just past treasure island is cleared out of lanes. the damage is done though. it's a slow-and-go ride as you work your way across the upper deck of the bay bridge. you can see at the toll plaza, traffic backed up well into the maze at this point. upwards of almost 30 minutes now to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze along the eastshore freeway. here's a look at conditions and dealing with some slick surfaces out there. so be careful but a few slow spots westbound 80. elsewhere livermore westbound still slow-and-go through the altamont pass. it stays slow as you work your way towards 680. lots of brake lights there. no accidents. just extra busy and the silicon valley no accidents here but so far, so good as you work your way between 880 and 237 connecting over. traffic looks good and northbound 101 seeing a few brake lights. typical slowing though this time of the morning. michelle. >> thank you. the lights on the bay bridge are here to stay. a nonprofit raised $4 million to reinstall the bay lights on
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the western span. philanthropist tad toby contributed $2 million after hearing it could be taken down. next march, the current lights will be taken down and replaced with sturdier l.e.d.s the lights will begin glowing in time for super bowl 50 at levi's stadium. and caltrans may not have to replace more than 2,000 bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. talks of replacing them was a hot issue after 32 rods cracked. a bridge committee now says the remaining 2200 bolts are not in danger of failing and should stay in place. a benicia man makes quite a big mistake looking for his ex- girlfriend. he stumbled into the wrong home looking for her. police say he was drunk when it happened around 4:00 a.m. yesterday. he gave an elderly couple a scare and police say when he didn't find his ex, he refused to leave so the homeowner shot him. >> he was yelling, why are you keeping me out? i can't believe you locked me
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out. my dad yelled, you don't belong here. this is not the right house. >> the suspect got the wrong house about 100 feet away up a hill h he is okay but facing charges of trespass and public intoxication. san jose's city manager will not return to work next year. ed shi cat that resigned saying the city is going into different direction. unions representing san jose police and firefighters are saying the city forced his resignation. they claim the move has squashed their hope for better relations between the council and city employees. walnut creek shoppers will have to pay for paper bags. the plastic bag goes into effected today. a bag is a dime. it's to cut down on litter. it's the fifth city in contra costa county to ban plastic bags. after 54 years, the united states and cuba are playing nice once again. the two countries are working to restore diplomatic relations. but as susan mcginnis reports,
6:37 am
not all americans are keen on the idea. reporter: across washington and the nation, there was nothing but joy over the release of american alan gross after five years in a cuban prison. gross' first words to his two daughters were, i'm free. >> god bless you and thank you. it was crucial to my survival knowing that i was not forgotten. >> reporter: his release comes as the white house renews diplomatic relations with cuba including opening an embassy in havana. >> i am convinced that through a policy of engagement we can more effectively stand up for our values and help the cuban people help themselves as they move into the 21st century >> i'm just pleased that these actions have been taken. i think it will improve the lot of ordinary cubans. and it's good for americans, as well. >> reporter: while many praise the move as a new beginning, others including lawmakers of cuban descent remain opposed to warming relations with what they call a still brutal regime. >> it is a victory for the oppressive cuban government but
6:38 am
a serious setback for the repressed cuban people. the white house has conceded everything and gained little. >> reporter: some republicans are promising to do all they can to block the administration's moves including holding back funding for a u.s. embassy in cuba. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> cuban-americans will now be able to send more money to family in cuba and u.s. credit and debit cards will soon be accepted there. and only congress has the power to lift the long-standing travel ban on american citizens traveling to cuba. time now is 6:38. we are getting a welcome holiday from high gas prices. how much you will save if our good "luck" stretches into next year. >> and the 9ers season continues with nightmares as they released ray mcdonald after allegations of sexual assault. what led to the decision and what those who know mcdonald are saying about it now. >> and the market just opened
6:39 am
up about 10 minutes ago. i know. it's looking pretty nice. finally. the dow is up about 213 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news" where today 59 degrees in daly city. forecasting mostly cloudy skies in burlingame at 60 degrees. it will be a seasonal day from redwood city wrapping around to the santa clara valley with high temperatures in the upper 50s and in the low 60s. good morning, campbell, at 59 degrees. and in the eastern portion of the bay area, a southwest breeze 5 to 10 miles per hour as highs realize upper 50s and low 60s. good morning to you, too, in walnut creek! pleasant hill and in vallejo, in the 50s.
6:43 am
north bay numbers stacking up in the 50s, as well. a few lingering morning sprinkles, otherwise mostly cloudy skies a slight breeze and seasonal highs in the upper 50s and low 60s! well, time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." let's find out. charlie rose joins us live in new york with more on the big show. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. ahead, the historic move to improve relations with cuba. our scott pelley joins us from havana plus we'll talk with former secretary of state colin powell about his ideas on cuba and a former member of the group "anonymous" explains how he thinks sony could have been attacked and why he thinks it would be two years in the making. and chris rock tells us why he feels an extra layer of responsibility as a comedian. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning. so we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right. it all starts at 7:00 like you said, charlie, have a great show. thanks. stocks rally after yesterday's fed announcement on interest rates. >> they are surging right now. let's check in with kcbs
6:44 am
radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, frank, good morning, michelle. finally getting a taste of that santa claus rally that we have been looking for after a big sell-off over a week and a half period. stocks had a nice rebound yesterday dow up 288 points as the fed remains patient when it comes to raising interest rates, expect that to happen sometime next year probably the middle of 2015. getting further good news on the u.s. economy this morning. the labor department reports that first time unemployment claims fell by 6,000 to 289,000 the lowest level since late october. also a big drop in continuing claims down 137,000. that's continuing to fuel that rally in the stock market. also some homecoming in the tech sector from oracle k redwood city company topped earning expectations up about 3.5% revenue to 9.6 billion- dollar. and its stock is surging higher on that news. in fact, it's hitting its highest point in over 14 years.
6:45 am
let's take a look at the big board see how we're doing so far this morning. the dow up by 223 points. nasdaq picking up 62. s&p up 26. shares at oracle up nearly 8% in the early going and it looks good for a lot of other companies in the silicon valley, as well. michelle and frank, back to you. >> that's a santa claus rally all right. >> reporter: we have been looking for it for some time. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. new this morning, strange acts of vandalism back in san francisco. >> check out the left side of your screen. you can see a man ripping a branch off a newly planted tree. city supervisor scott weiner posted the video online yesterday. the crime happened around 5:30 a.m. last thursday on noe street. tree vandalism has been a problem for a few years especially in golden gate park. motorists getting a holiday break for high gas prices. u.s. drivers will save an additional $550 next year alone. that's according to the federal government. the average price for gas
6:46 am
nationwide now down to $2.51 a gallon. gas and oil prices dropped steadily over the last six months due to lower demand in europe and asia and we are all feeling that at the pump. great news. >> i went to the gas station yesterday, 36 bucks! >> that's cheap. >> isn't it? >> used to be over 50. >> great, gianna. >> such better news especially when you're stuck in traffic and wasting all that gas so it eases the pain just a little bit. reports of a new accident on highway 24 westbound at orinda. in the area there, we have a couple of cars blocking lanes. you can see a bit of a backup there on our sensors. so slow-and-go conditions there. once you pass the accident, it's right at camino pablo traffic gets a little better working your way towards 580 but westbound 24 couple of cars involved in the wreck. westbound 580 still bogged down with lots of delays this morning. we are seeing a bit of a backup there a pothole reported at north flynn in the number 2 lane. that may cause some slow-and-go conditions, as well. so pretty busy coming out of tracy, 205, stop and go through
6:47 am
the livermore valley. 36 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. 680 itself southbound you can see on our maps here lots of reds so lots of slow and go conditions through there. past 680 on 580, though, traffic gets a little better there in that portion of the freeway. all right. bay bridge here's what's happening. we had an earlier accident near treasure island completely gone but you can see traffic is slow- and-go. metering lights are on. they were turned on at about 5:45 a.m. you're backed up well into the maze. approaches to the bay bridge are also very slow this morning. westbound san mateo bridge starting to see a few brake lights, as well. 20 minutes now. so about an extra five minutes on your drive time this morning if you are headed westbound out of hayward towards foster city. no accidents but a wind advisory still in effect for the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge is holding steady. it's been a nice ride this morning so far out of marin county. haven't seen too many brake lights southbound 101. you can see on the golden gate bridge here too, looking good. really quick live look at 101 in san jose. looks like we are seeing some brake lights there northbound
6:48 am
but overall not a bad ride. >> you were just mentioning the windy conditions near the san mateo bridge and as a direct result this just in, sfo now report, delays on some arriving flights at one hour and six minutes due to weather conditions. all right. let's get to it. hi-def doppler radar, picking up a little bit of light sprinkles here or there. it's just residual moisture left over from the passage of yesterday's storm that dumped anywhere from nearly .25" of rain in san francisco to over a full inch of rain in 24 hours in napa and half moon bay. this is kind of not fair though because it rained a lot after midnight and these readings are from 5 a.m. until midnight. all right. current air temperatures with the mostly cloudy sky into the 50s. we do have some areas, some pockets, of dense fog being reported right around santa rosa. here's what you need to know for this thursday. first is off grab an umbrella. take a look at the sky conditions, mostly cloudy, a
6:49 am
few sunny breaks and then one more rainstorm coming this way. let's track it together with futurecast. here's the stray shower by lunch hour today through the northern portion of the bay area. here it comes the next frontal boundary area that projects to bring rain during the morning commute this time tomorrow. we'll see some moderate to heavy downpours illustrated right here then slices through very quickly and then leaves us with mostly cloudy skies friday afternoon into friday evening. a stray shower is possible on saturday morning very early otherwise the bulk. weekend will be dry. all right, so this next area of low pressure that does breeze through rapidly still promises to dump up to about an inch of rain in the wettest locations of the bay area over the next 24 hours. and then a dry weather pattern begins on saturday afternoon. forecast for today, statewide 45 degrees in mendocino. mid-50s in sacramento. it was snowing at 5:00 this morning in the high sierra but that has now ceased and we have now have mostly cloudy skies
6:50 am
into the 40s. sunrise 7:20. not going to see much of it. sundown at 4:52. partly cloudy conditions. today's high 50s and 60s where we should be this time of the year. southwest wind about 5 to 10 miles per hour. so we get rid of this last storm the fourth one of the five days of the workweek and then winter officially arrives on sunday and as it does, it ushers in a dry weather pattern all the way through christmas eve. and that is your weather forecast. >> thank you. it's another blow to the already struggling san francisco 49ers. the team has decided to drop defensive lineman ray mcdonald after a woman said he sexual assaulted her. as betty yu tells us this was the final straw. reporter: ray mcdonald wasn't talking tonight as he got out of his new bentley and walked into his silver creek home. but the 9ers general manager was. >> ray's demonstrated a pattern of poor decision-making that, um, has led to multiple distractions for this organization and this football team that really can no longer be tolerated.
6:51 am
>> reporter: mcdonald has yet to be arrested or charged. his mother said surveillance cameras at his home will show the truth that nothing illegal happened. colin kaepernick said he hopes this is just a misunderstanding. >> not a situation, um, you want to hear about, uhm very unfortunate. >> reporter: today several people stopped by his house on bently ridge drive including a man who identified himself as his driver muhammad. >> he is a wonderful man, he is a kind man, a gentleman and he brought good christian house that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: four months ago, san jose police arrested mcdonald for domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend but the d.a. said there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute. this is what mcdonald said then. >> you know, i'm not, you know, the kind of guy that would, you know, um, you know, put my hands on a woman like that. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the san jose police
6:52 am
department came to his house behind me to serve a search warrant on tuesday. we don't to what kind of evidence was collected but ray mcdonald's mom told me that the department has all of the surveillance video and that will ultimately clear his name. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> mcdonald's case will now be forwarded on to the santa clara d.a.'s office for review. stay with us. 6:52 now. a dozen people are seriously injured outside a church in southern california. the deadly accident just moments after a christmas program. >> reporter: hollywood cancels the premiere of a movie after a terrorist threat. some people say that it amounts to caving. we'll hear about it next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
historic deal to restore diplomatic five things to know at the :55. reaction has been guided over a
6:56 am
historic deal to restore diplomatic ties between the united states and cuba. the leaders of both nations agree to cooperate on a number of issues now. cuban-americans will now be able to send more money to families in cuba. but only congress can lift the travel ban. boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is scheduled to appear in court today for the final hearing before his trial. authorities say he and his brother planned the bombing that killed three people in april of 2013. tsarnaev hasn't been seen in public in more than a year. three people are dead ten more seriously injured after they were struck by a suspected drunk driver in southern california redondo beach. the victims had just left a christmas pageant at a church last night. the driver finally came to a stop after crashing head on into another car. starting today, walnut creek is banning single use plastic bags in restaurants. the ban also includes deli, cafeterias and food trucks. restaurants have been exempt from a larger citywide ban until now.
6:57 am
retailers will be allowed to offer paper bags for ten cents each. and the lights will stay on the bay bridge. a nonprofit raised $4 million to reinstall the display on the western span. two million of that was from one man. next march the current lights will be taken down and replaced with sturdier l.e.d.s. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco. it has been made official: theaters will not be showing the new movie which could have been a hollywood blockbuster called "the interview" a move that many criticize as caving to terrorism. it's a fictional plot following two journalists sent to kill north korean leader kim jong-un and then came a threat from what appeared to be north korean hackers saying the world will be full of fear, remember september 11th. now, one of the film's stars set rogen was here in san francisco last month before the threats when he laughed it off. >> it would be impressive if they were. it would be amazing if north korean agents actually got to america and we were their top
6:58 am
priority. >> reporter: rogen also cowrote the film. he has not yet weighed in publicly on the cancellation. sea it is not going to be shown in theaters -- so it is not going to be shown in theaters or online. it may be released to dvd. anne makovec kpix 5. in hayward, we have a trouble spot southbound 880 right at winton blocking the left lane traffic backed up to washington slow-and-go past there as well as you work your way towards the san mateo bridge. westbound san mateo bridge lots of company as you work your way towards foster city. and if you are headed across the san mateo bridge, just a heads up a wind advisory in effect. bay bridge stacked up at least to the maze. no delays though on the lower deck of the bay bridge. and look at all those clouds as you approach the bay bridge. we do not have any rain right now a little bit of light drizzle. that's about it. another view. dark clouds, carry that umbrella to be on the safe side today for a stray shower. otherwise we are in the 50s going up to highs today in the upper 50s and low 60s. and we do have more rain moving
6:59 am
back in later tonight. it looks like that rain the bulk of it move through this time tomorrow during your morning commute but it's a fast mover leaving us with mostly cloudy skies during the day on friday afternoon setting the stage for a mainly cloudy albeit dry weekend. oh, gang, did you know winter officially arrives on sunday? 3:03 p.m. i think we have all collectively been doing our winter rain dance. >> i think it was two weeks ago, wasn't it? >> felt like it. >> right. >> are you having a winter party? >> yes, we are. i welcome them in all seasons. but we'll be dry through christmas although one computer model is like no, there's going to be rain on christmas eve which could mean snow in tahoe for a white christmas. >> that's good. >> so we'll keep the umbrella handy. >> you know what's cool about this we excessive? >> that we're off? [ laughter ] >> we're not having to work, yes. but there is football on saturday. >> yeah. we have the 49ers and the chargers game and you can watch it live right here on channel 5, tune in for that on saturday
7:00 am
afternoon. >> that is right. have a good day. take care. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." outrage from hollywood after sony surrenders to hackers. united states prepares to blame north korea for the massive cyber attack. they promise historic changes after more than half a century of conflict. scott pelley is in havana and secretary of state colin powell is with us. and after 9 years, stephen colbert prepares to say see you, cable, and hello to cbs. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. p>> this is a terrible thing tht happened. the message it says if you really scare us, we d


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